Creative Works

Here you shall find self-expression

as well as self-reflection
of a conscious dimension
for the intention

of alleviating historical tension
through art as self-extension

& community contention 

against the pigs & other henchmen

because we’re youth



forever contestin’

self-determined & earnin’ an education

& this is where we share ourselves with you:


Life is a Polyamorous Figure

I can almost assure you
That every activist has come across the question, “What the hell am I doing?”
But I don’t want to make an assumption for everyone
So let me try again.

I am an individual active in social change
And while I gauge
What I can change
I often contemplate whether what I’m doing will be worth it in the future.

Fuck yeah I cry ‘til I die in the wee hours of the night
Sob and I moan ‘til there’s nothing left to mope about.
(I kid you. There is ALWAYS something depressing in the world every day.)

Wish I could just drop everything and lay on the ground
Stare at the stars
And wake up to earth’s crisp morning with the sun playing peek-a-boo.

I wish Life wasn’t such a melodramatic asshole.
We argue with each other
I ask hir why ze is having lucrative affairs with
White supremacists,
Racist dogs,
Corrupt pigs,
And greedy cowards.

No answer.

Bodies may die but let the voice carry through in the struggle for justice.

author: anonymous


It’s On! R.I.P. American Studies by L7


Digging our Autonomous Graves

This world is all about giving and receiving.
It need not matter whether we give first
and take later.
Or take first,
and give later.
Sooner or later, the balance must be met.
All life forms, all biochemical and physiological processes
require some form,
some con-form-ity to giving and taking.

All for everyone
and nothing for ourselves.

So why do we strive to not con-form?
What formation do we obtain when we separate ourselves
from the inevitable cycles of life?
You exchanged, you respected, and you explained
your needs, your soul, and your intentions.
But you took.

What sets you apart from the rest of them?
You asked.
You shared a piece of yourself, a piece of your time and humility
in exchange for a piece of her goodness.
She, a being who most walk past without even a glance,
was granted a moment to get to know you.
In your soul you received permission,
and she companionship.

Without knowing it, you opened my eyes.

You can only con-form
if you have form.
You cannot strive to surpass limits,
if you cannot go past the limits of your own comfort.
You cannot sell-out without buying back.
There is absolutely no moment within our existence
where we don’t engage in this exchange.

Today I stopped.
I walked and breathed in the fresh air
I sat down in the dirt and talked to the most
exquisite being possible.
And I followed you.
I con-formed.
I grabbed her by the stalk, and asked her for permission.
She wanted to help guide me, and I remembered the lesson
that you silently laid upon me:
I left her friends with a part of me.
It wasn’t until that moment that I was able to smell the world around me.
It wasn’t until I saw her smiling at me,
that I realized that

We must give all to everyone
and nothing for ourselves.

I serve
You serve
We all serve

Those who work so hard tending these beings,
those who make this place a beautiful place to be
are not served.

I know you want to serve,
and I admire how you respect every being on this earth.
I just hope that you too can respect the unrespectable.
I want to learn how to respect even those that have forgotten.
All for everyone,
even those who con-form.

I do not come up with ideas without a reason.
I follow my heart, and I absorb with my mind.
We may fail.
We may hurt.
But we may gain so much more.

It isn’t until we are in an uncomfortable setting
that we begin to realize how little form we have.
That is the most satisfyingly chaotic feeling to encompass.
You never get anywhere by being comfortable.

Why am I doing this, you ask?
Why am I willing to con-form to some degree?
Because I want to make people uncomfortable.
But in order for me to do so, we must make ourselves uncomfortable.

I do not stay true to who I am,
because I know not what form I encompass.
I am not meant to,
and neither are you.

I seek of you to help me,
to walk besides me,
and to let me pluck you out of your comfort zone.
There is something in the air, and we must follow it.

All for everyone
and nothing for ourselves.

author: Amu


The Process

These supposed corrupt cognitive factions
lead me to dissenting and dizzying actions
That tear the sanctuary of your ignorance swiftly down
Placing, every so carefully, a crown

Of piercing, puncturing thorns
That set off alarming yet alluring morning horns
That call out to the crowd to be loud and proud
So we are no longer shroud

In the darkness of those who call our words sin
Let it begin, the revolution within

Within me
‘Cause we,
The verbal and visual vigilantes
Work to deconstruct dogmatic fallacies
Learned in a history they taught
Resisted in the struggles our people fought
A struggle alive in the memories the powers that be hope we forgot

That I keep alive through resistance
& the persistence of vision
Through the incision of strings
& things
that keep you and me from realizing we’re just human beings

On a ship that is quickly sinking
but all hope is not lost we just need to start
thinking, start believing

because it may be bigger than you & it may be bigger than me
but its not bigger than us, we can do it we can change
& thats whats up


[Spoken Word Piece: No Title]

Living in a world filled with atrocities and monstrosities.

You’d think we’d all be a little sadder and less fatter.

But instead we fill our voids with consumerism, food, and other horrific isms.

You know: capitalism, individualism, competitivism, racism, ageism, and fucked-up isms.

We try to escape the mundaneness of our lives. Only to find ourselves in squareness and further alienation perpetuated by darn lies.

We look at ourselves in the mirror only to be unhappy with what we see, but instead of trying to fix and alter the problem. We decided it’s easier to continue to contribute to hierarchy, corporations, and wealth inequalities.

You think your working hard to succeed and achieve the American dream…but on the contrary, your slaving yourself away to abstract concepts of happiness that have been heavily constructed to keep us working for the man, el hombre, el jefe, el puto que controla tu ingreso; a gray box of unhappiness and green dollar bills, plastic credit cards, debt, and traffic as you think to yourself in your car…if only.


If only, I would’ve done this…

If only, I would’ve done that…

You sit there alone, bored, trying to keep yourself awake, unhappy, and trying to find alternatives to what can make the day and upcoming days a bit better.

But as you contemplate your future actions, you find yourself dwelling in the past…thinking where you went wrong. Was it that stud from 12th grade? Would he have made you happier? Oh no, that could not be it. But if only maybe you would’ve passed that math class…Or went to college? And you continue in nostalgia lane…

But I am here to snap you out of it, wake you up from the misery. Those were all dreams. Don’t think about what you did wrong, or what things you can purchase to alleviate the pain. Think about the social conditions in which we live, that tear us apart and bring us down.

I am speaking, not because I know the truth or the answer to your problems. 22 years young, trying to figure out life myself. But I just want to propose that there are other ways, and we must break the chains. The cycle. The repression, the oppression, the unsatisfaction with our lives, because that will only continue to bring on our demise.




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