Please support “Mosquita y Mari”

This email was sent to us by Susy Zepeda today. It is a great project and we hope you all give it support!  Thank you!

Dear Campus Community:

I am writing to you today to see if you would be willing to support filmmaker Aurora Guerrero’s vision and dream. Thank you to those who have already contributed.  She is in the process of fundraising for her Independent feature-length film, “Mosquita y Mari.”  She is working to raise $80,000 by May 26th, to date people have donated over $30,000. Please read more on her website:

In light of historic and present violences towards Latina/o LGBTQ peoples, the film “Mosquita y Mari” will put healing representations on the big screen. The community can help make this film a reality by donating $1, $5, $50, $250, $1000 or $5000, today. To watch a short video, click the link.   Aurora Guerrero’s bio is below. I have known Aurora since 2005, we met during the 12th Annual Women of Color Film Festival at UC Santa Cruz, where she screened her award winning film Pura Lengua.  Since then, I have frequently worked in collaboration with Aurora at coffee shops and friends house’s where she would be working on her script for “Mosquita y Mari” and I would be working on my dissertation research.

The time has come for Aurora to make her feature-length film.  In December of last year, “Mosquita y Mari” was awared partial production funding from the Latino Public Broadcast.  So now she is counting us, Latina/os, LGBTQ folks and allies, academics, students, community activists, artists, to contribute!

There are only 5 days left to support Aurora’s dream and vision.  The goal is $80,000 by May 26th! She currently has over $30,000 in contributions.  However, if she doesn’t reach the $80,000 mark, she does not get any of the funds. Please support this important creative project that will transform lives and make history!

Aurora Guerrero’s Bio:

Writer/Director, Aurora Guerrero. Aurora has directed award winning short narrative films, including Pura Lengua (2005 Sundance Film Festival) and Viernes Girl (winner of the 2006 HBO/NYLIFF short film competition). Based on the strength of her first feature length script, Mosquita y Mari, Aurora was awarded the 2005 Sundance Ford Fellowship, the 2005 Paul Robeson Development Grant, was selected to participate in the 2005 Sundance Native/Indigenous Lab; 2006 Tribeca All Access Filmmaker Program; 2009 Film Independent Producer’s Lab. In 2007, she received an ITVS development deal and most recently was awarded a production grant from Latino Public Broadcasting. Her accomplishments as an emerging writer/director earned her a slot in Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 New Faces of Independent Film.” She has also had the honor of assisting directors Patricia Cardoso (Real Women Have Curves) and Peter Bratt (La Mission).

PS. Please tell your friends.

Susy J. Zepeda


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