Why do I need to persuade to you that a Critical Ethnic Studies is needed?

Are my personal concerns not enough or legitimate?

Do I need to change my language and sound more academic in order to prove how intellectually significant an ethnic studies would be?

In two days I’ll stand in front of faculty to plea, the need for a critical race and ethnic studies, as they look at me with their degrees in their eyes.

Inherently making me believe inferior—not because they don’t know me- but because this education system alienates us from she.

Do I have to change my language so you can hear me?

Were you born with a book and a pencil in your mouth?

I know you may occupy a position under a bureaucratic system, but how can you forget where you came from?

After all, there was a time when you were an activist just like me.


About UCSC Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES)

This blog is maintained by students throughout UCSC. We recognize that students have been working around Ethnic Studies for multiple decades and at many levels of the university. We claim no ownership over any movement or material that is produced. We ask that any materiel used from the blog is cited and used for only educational purposes. Most importantly that it is done with honor and respect for the many people who worked in the struggle for Ethnic Studies. We would also like to point out that the name Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) was created to acknowledge the intellectual development of Ethnic Studies since the beginning of this struggle. The name came from countless meetings and hours with many different undergrads, graduate students, and faculty.
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