Education Dept. Investigates Complaint of Anti-Semitism at UC-Santa Cruz

The Chronicle released an article today stating “The U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has announced plans to investigate the University of California at Santa Cruz for anti-Semitism, based on a lecturer’s complaint that administrators there had turned a deaf ear to her concerns that critics of Israel were creating a hostile climate for Jewish people on the campus.”

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About UCSC Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES)

This blog is maintained by students throughout UCSC. We recognize that students have been working around Ethnic Studies for multiple decades and at many levels of the university. We claim no ownership over any movement or material that is produced. We ask that any materiel used from the blog is cited and used for only educational purposes. Most importantly that it is done with honor and respect for the many people who worked in the struggle for Ethnic Studies. We would also like to point out that the name Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) was created to acknowledge the intellectual development of Ethnic Studies since the beginning of this struggle. The name came from countless meetings and hours with many different undergrads, graduate students, and faculty.
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4 Responses to Education Dept. Investigates Complaint of Anti-Semitism at UC-Santa Cruz

  1. Finch says:

    I think it should be clarified that this investigation is being done as a way to selectively silence critics of apartheid policy that Israel is perpetuating. This investigation into anti-semitism is not the same as the graffiti linked into the other post. The two should not be conflated, but we should remain critical of how the university responds to the blatant fascist/racist graffiti and also be critical of the continued association of israel criticism with anti-semitism.

    • x says:

      in fact, the lecturer’s complaint and detailed charge of anti-semitism (to be clear, anti-zionism is not the same as anti-semitism) is itself very one-sided. it nowhere mentions the tidal wave of death threats that the uc berkeley GSI faced in response to the class “the politics and poetics of palestinian resistance” that he taught. those death threats, from members of the student organization, hillel even, went on for paragraphs and called for his death in the slowest, most excruciating manner possible.

      what folks who are fighting for ethnic studies at uc santa cruz are demanding is a space of critical inquiry, and in this regard, the automatic conflation of anti-zionism with anti-semitism stifles critical inquiry–not stimulates it.

  2. Fur says:

    Great! Now we need the minority of Muslims on campus to be targeted as terrorists. This is exactly what we need. Because all people who are pro-palestine and look remotely Muslim are terrorists, right??


    Muslim student union and Students for Justice in Palestine are by far the most peaceful organizations that I know of. What the hell????

  3. wonder says:

    I think thats quite fishy considering we all know that this campus has enough money to sponsor jewish studies but certainly not ethnic studies. What about the concerns of the rest of us??

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