Daily Bruin Shout out to UCSC Ethnic & Critical Race Studies

The Daily Bruin published an op-ed authored by UCLA’s Asian Pacific Coalition re: the anti-asian racist youtube video posted by Alexandra Wallace, and APC gave a shout-out to our struggle to establish Ethnic & Critical Race Studies at UC Santa Cruz:

Allow this event to help us bear in mind the continual relevance of ethnic studies at UCLA and beyond. While ethnic studies programs are crumbling at CSULA and struggling for a place at UCSC, let us remember why it is important now more than ever to continue to support the development, sustainability and growth of ethnic studies.

You can access the article here: Daily Bruin

The following image was uncovered at the Science and Engineering Library at the Santa Cruz campus.  The writing to the right of the little “chinaman” figure signifies on that figure and reads “fool.”


About UCSC Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES)

This blog is maintained by students throughout UCSC. We recognize that students have been working around Ethnic Studies for multiple decades and at many levels of the university. We claim no ownership over any movement or material that is produced. We ask that any materiel used from the blog is cited and used for only educational purposes. Most importantly that it is done with honor and respect for the many people who worked in the struggle for Ethnic Studies. We would also like to point out that the name Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) was created to acknowledge the intellectual development of Ethnic Studies since the beginning of this struggle. The name came from countless meetings and hours with many different undergrads, graduate students, and faculty.
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One Response to Daily Bruin Shout out to UCSC Ethnic & Critical Race Studies

  1. Tribulations says:

    I highly recommend for people who see racist graffiti around UCSC campus to:
    1. Take a picture of it… come on we (minus me) all have those fancy shmancy phones.
    2. Send the picture to this blog so we can post it up.

    Why? The minute a coalition of UCSC community members got together to talk about the racist graffiti on campus, the UCSC administration had a massive whitewashing campaign and white-washed all graffiti on campus. Now I do not hate graffiti in general, but racist graffiti is just plain ugly and offensive. Let’s gather this ‘evidence’ so to speak before the administration white-washes it off again.

    You can’t white-wash your problems away!

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