UCSC budget meeting with EVC Galloway

A few students attended the Budgeting meeting with Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Alison Galloway on Monday. The following are some questions that can be asked to get further information that the EVC did not elaborate upon at that meeting:

1. The EVC mentioned that it made sense to her to increase student representation now that students are paying more into their schooling than the state is. The EVC passed around a graph that elaborated on this difference; what is interesting here is how we can push this question. What kind of representation would she support? A student regent from each campus? More student representation in all decision making at the campus level? A student senate that determined policy, much like the faculty senate? What is important to remember here is that we are not asking for more scraps or to be included at the master’s table; we are the shareholders AS WELL AS the stakeholders in our education, and we deserve and demand more say in how the university is run.

2. The EVC elaborated that we are the model campus for getting rid of administrative bloat, and that many of our senior level management do not enjoy the perks that those at other campuses do. Where is the proof? We need her to provide evidence of this, beyond just combining people’s roles to actually firing administrators. If Santa Cruz really is the model for admin fiscal responsibility, why the hell did they spend 6000$ to spy on us WHEN THEY HAD A FORMER PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR AS AN ADMINISTRATOR? This claim needs to be defended with facts.

3. If the administration here is not the problem when it comes to bloated paychecks, and the way she worded union contracts, healthcare increases, and the like as expenses that were draining our budget, where are some of the biggest money holes on campus? TAPS? Recreational Services? Our contract with the Metro?

4. Galloway mentioned that she met with the other EVC’s from the different campuses to discuss what to do about UCOP’s budget, what advances have they made? How can we get rid of UCOP’s waste? How can we make sure that we no loner have to fit the bill for wasteful president that loses his security deposit of 40 grand that the students end up having to pay for? How much can we push her to go after UCOP?

5. How are we going to gain revenue and grow again? Many of the policies enacted are not ones in which revenue will come back to the UC; cost-cutting measures have eliminated jobs and combined others to give us the illusion of profits again. Where is the UC’s money being invested? Who is doing the investing? Why did Russell Gould get away with being a failure of Wachovia who also lost much of the UC’s money in the crash?

6. If California needs to pay for higher education through taxes, WHY HASN’T UCOP STARTED LOBBYING FOR TAX INCREASES FOR THE UPPER 10% OF CALIFORNIA?(the regents and admin are part of the upper 10%, thats why). The UC needs to start getting congress to help out the lower and middle classes, and not jsut make education available for the economically advantaged.

7. What can the EVC do to defend student’s rights here on campus? A complete overhaul of the Student Code of Conduct to make it CONSTITUTIONAL, or else more lawsuits may rain down on the UC in the future. Also, to amend the clause that students cannot be treated at the Health Center if injured during a political activity.

8. Can Galloway make sure all UCPD are not armed on campus? To hear her agree wit the Faculty letter signed by 100 professors saying that Police should be disarmed on campus due to the UCPD officer who brandished a GUN at peaceful protestors at UCSF last November.

9. What new measures is Galloway looking into that will bring in more money to UCSC? Sustainability grants, STEM CELL RESEARCH AT THE NEW BIOMED BUILDING, etc.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 9th at  Porter College Fireside/Hitchcock from 5:30pm-6:30pm


About UCSC Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES)

This blog is maintained by students throughout UCSC. We recognize that students have been working around Ethnic Studies for multiple decades and at many levels of the university. We claim no ownership over any movement or material that is produced. We ask that any materiel used from the blog is cited and used for only educational purposes. Most importantly that it is done with honor and respect for the many people who worked in the struggle for Ethnic Studies. We would also like to point out that the name Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) was created to acknowledge the intellectual development of Ethnic Studies since the beginning of this struggle. The name came from countless meetings and hours with many different undergrads, graduate students, and faculty.
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